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  • social order

    Independence would provide a ‘golden bridge’ whereby the Marhaens could attain a just social order.
  • order to make

    Altering weather conditions can accelerate or slow down dredging programmes, and the engineer for a direct works section must also keep his construction plant and men employed in order to make them viable.
  • order to justify

    In the first place, as we noted earlier, in order to justify binding legal obligations, choice theories must isolate those cases of a special exercise of choice where a binding legal commitment is consistent with respect for private autonomy.
  • order to get

    WE MUST stage a really hefty strike in order to get the system changed.’
  • order to understand

    If the difficulties arise at work, perhaps you could study in order to understand the job better.
  • order to give

    In order to give businesses time to adjust to their new rate liability, the change in the amount of rates to be paid by a business will be phased in probably over 5 years.
  • law and order

    The resources devoted to my law and order programme will be substantially increased.
  • order to achieve

    Fiscal policy may provide government with a potentially powerful method of managing the economy in order to achieve its macroeconomic objectives.
  • judgment or order

    Order 26, r 5 applies where any change has taken place after judgment by death, assignment or otherwise, in the parties entitled to enforce a judgment or order or in the parties liable under a judgment or order.

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