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  • three pairs

    three pairs of vests
  • base pairs

    cm -1 (base pairs).
  • six pairs

    The outcome was different in six pairs (χ 2 =4.17, p=0.03, df=1).
  • four pairs

    Groove-billed anis live in groups of up to four pairs.
  • breed pairs

  • eight pairs

    Figure 5 shows eight pairs of DNA histograms of crypt epithelia of FAP cases.
  • pair per

  • several pairs

    there could be several pairs of these.
  • twin pairs

    Conversely, no such correlation was found in the discordant Crohn's disease twin pairs (Fig 3b).
  • pair of socks

  • pair were

  • pair of things

  • pair did

  • between pairs

    These can be accentuated, as in Fig. 9.14 (2) by plotting instead the area between pairs of contours.
  • pair of lateral

  • word pairs

    The definitional overlap program was run on both sets of word pairs.
  • primer pairs

    Oligonucleotide primer pairs of selected α subunit sequences were synthesized (Biosearch 8600, Biosearch, San Rafael, CA) and purified using NENSORB columns (DuPont Co., Wilmington, DE).
  • pair of fins

    And you may say well why do I have two pairs of fins, you know, one in front and one behind, instead of, say, three pairs of fins, or one pair of fins, or eight pairs of fins — why do we all have two?
  • pair of feet

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