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  • lose patience

    Oh I lose patience with them
  • great patience

    Painting by this method I am told requires great patience, and it does indeed take time to achieve such detail.
  • time and patience

    Thank you for your time and patience.
  • have the patience

    Nobody else would have the patience!
  • little patience

    She has little patience with any feminist arguments against such pin-ups.
  • neither the patience

    She had neither the patience nor the inclination.
  • patience nor

    She had neither the patience nor the inclination.
  • finally lost patience

    For a time, things hung in the balance, until Richard finally lost patience and took the city of Messina.
  • have patience

    ‘You must have patience, my lord.’
  • lot of patience

    She'd read Shakespeare, Pete hadn't; not unless you counted Julius Caesar at school, which he'd managed to get through with a lot of patience and a set of Coles' Notes.
  • patience with women

    I have no patience with women who let themselves go.’
  • patience and good

    This has been represented as some kind of martyrdom on Lewis's part; and doubtless, like any long-term relationship, it called for reserves of patience and good humour on both sides.
  • patience snapped

    Sarella's patience snapped.

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