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  • peace process

    Threat to peace process
  • peace talks

    Bosnian peace talks begin
  • peace plan

    Bosnian Serbs say peace plan is dead
  • peace negotiations

    Intensified diplomatic activity from mid-June around the possibility of peace negotiations had not inspired much optimistic comment.
  • peace movement

    He was involved in the peace movement but never a pacifist.
  • middle east peace

  • peace conference

    President Hrawi met with President Assad of Syria on Oct. 17 to discuss a common stand for the peace conference.
  • peace agreement

    A peace agreement with the rebels was signed in January 1991 [see p. 37947].
  • war and peace

    Once again the United States seemed to be the arbiter of war and peace in the Middle East.
  • peace and quiet

    But they sleep peace and quiet, ya
  • peace of mind

    We can also afford to give you peace of mind.
  • peace treaty

    In March 1952 Moscow, in the so-called ‘Stalin Note’, had revived its pressure for discussions about a German peace treaty.
  • un peace

  • peace and security

    I felt an enormous sense of peace and security in her presence.
  • make peace

    We're willing to make peace if we can all agree.
  • bring peace

    Intervening militarily may make the world feel better for doing something, but it will not bring peace.
  • round of peace

    Washington round of peace talks
  • keep the peace

    At least one high-readiness multinational corps is expected to be a rapid-deployment force that could be sent from central Europe to keep the peace or do battle elsewhere.
  • peace settlement

    The government of Pakistan welcomed the Moscow talks as brightening the prospects for a peace settlement which would allow the mujaheddin to return to their homeland in safety and honour.

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