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  • give permission

    Only the Holy Father can give permission for such a tomb to be opened.’
  • permission to take

    Who gave you permission to take a break?’
  • grant permission

    Brussels will be able to grant permission to exceed limits in particular areas on the basis of "objective criteria" which suggest that the use of larger amounts is safe.
  • apply for permission

    Mr Coombes isn't at home but says if there's a technical breach he'll apply for permission.
  • kind permission

    (Reproduced by kind permission of FCI)
  • obtain permission

    We had gone to the Council Offices to obtain permission for him to take it with him.
  • refuse permission

    AN appeal has been made against East Hampshire District Council's decision to refuse permission for the conversion of a barn to a single storey dwelling at Janelands in Willis Lane, Four Marks.
  • permission to enter

    (b) Implied permission A person who claims that he had implied permission to enter premises must prove that there was such permission.
  • grant planning permission

    A decision on whether to grant planning permission for the burial ground will be taken at a meeting of South Oxfordshire District Council on July the 21st.
  • get permission

    they get permission then?
  • temporary permission

    Raybestos ruled out the possible compromise of a temporary permission to dump asbestos at the site.
  • ask permission

    Try out the item for yourself (ask permission first).
  • permission to have

    Who gave these patients permission to have alcohol?
  • ask for permission

    They would happily ask for permission if they intended to organise a big march through a major city.
  • permission to hold

    The Queen gave permission to hold the £15,000 bash in the state apartments because Fergie's new home Romenda Lodge at Wentworth is too small.
  • permission to build

    They're testing us out, seeing how far we'll go in granting them permission to build.’
  • council for permission

    John Howard, of 15 Hawkswood, Hurworth, has applied to Darlington borough council for permission to prune an oak tree.
  • seek permission

    Public companies, for example, may seek permission to have their shares quoted on the Stock Exchange.

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