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  • play an important

    He says the two companies will form a strong group which will play an important part on the international stage.
  • play down

    Egon Zehnder consultants tend to play down the headhunter image, now freely accepted by most of the Big Four's directors, and see themselves, like their European colleagues, as management consultants.
  • able to play

    You will not be able to play much with the children (or anyone else for that matter!) without becoming weary.
  • want to play

    I heard Cortot play several concerts after the war, and these made me more aware than ever how important it is to give every ounce of yourself to Chopin if you want to play him well!
  • play a major

    The great man might expect to play a major part in the design of the building, as Maxwell did when the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge was built following his appointment in 1871, as the first professor of experimental physics.
  • play football

    We used to play football in the office.
  • have to play

    In Durham County B Hebburn (148 7+160) have to play Shildon in their last game while Spennymoor are closely on their heels on 48+150 and they have to play Consett to decide the championship.
  • i could play

  • role to play

    GPs have a vital role to play in health promotion.
  • part to play

    In sheltered housing the warden has a very important part to play.
  • play a key

    Widely regarded as the ANC's most able negotiator, he was expected to play a key role in talks with the government.

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