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  • general practice

    Secondly, I find it impossible to accept that general practice is a specialty.
  • common practice

    (Also it was common practice in the construction industry for employees to be moved.)
  • though in practice

    The application of the rule in the case of financial loss presents no conceptual difficulty, although in practice the exercise may prove to be complicated.
  • practice there

    In practice there is no one single rate of interest.
  • code of practice

    A code of practice has been drawn up by the fuel industries to protect you.
  • good practice

    It is widely used as a kind of yardstick for good practice.
  • policy and practice

    ‘ICI will establish during 1991 a clear policy and practice on waste recycling.’
  • best practice

    Comprising area energy representatives, the committee aims to improve energy performance by exchanging information and ideas on best practice.
  • teach practice

  • standard practice

    In this respect groups did not differ statistically but the adjustment is standard practice and allows a fairer comparison.
  • theory and practice

    ‘Quite simply, Speaking evinces a rare and particularly effective teacher-friendly fusion of theory and practice.’

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