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  • give priority

    We have to give priority where it's due.’
  • first priority

    And the first priority are the children.
  • top priority

    Election 1992: ‘Fair rates’ are Labour's top priority
  • highest priority

    Strengthening the existing NHS remains the highest priority for funding.
  • low priority

    Professional reference material in schools is given a low priority.
  • higher priority

    Achieving better wages had a much higher priority.
  • take priority

    The sale of the Theatre's own tickets will take priority.
  • main priority

    Its main priority was to control the disease.
  • priority given

    France benefits from the continuity of its space effort, and the high priority given it by governments.
  • lower priority

    When two high priority activities such as approaching and moving away are in balance, lower priority activities may be briefly observed.
  • number one priority

    Right now I think my number one priority is to prove that I can actually do my job,’ Lindsey said tautly.
  • priority areas

    The Scottish Office White Paper includes as priority areas: Coronary Heart Disease, Cancers, and Road Accidents (among others).
  • have priority

    The Germans have taken the view that ‘domestic price stability must have priority over exchange rate stability’, leaving it up to others to ensure the latter.
  • priority now

    His main priority now was to get them to safety.
  • give greater priority

    In the meantime, we will protect consumers against high prices and poor service and give greater priority to environmental problems.
  • priority services

    Acute medicine retained its traditional dominance and the DHSS almost openly acknowledged its inability to make central objectives stick when it watered down its projected growth rates for the priority services in The Way Forward, produced in 1977.
  • priority system

    But it is questionable how much the priority system helps the USSR absorb foreign technologies rapidly.
  • give high priority

    Social fund officers are expected to give high priority to requests for loans for the above purposes.

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