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  • design to promote

  • help promote

    Coun Kerridge said: ‘The mayor of Stockton should help promote activities in the town.
  • use to promote

    Some methods you can use to promote your report are:
  • should promote

    It should promote discussion and communication.
  • order to promote

    Last November, I visited Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea in order to promote the United Kingdom's wide-ranging expertise in the energy sector.
  • promote good

    Research shows that smiling increases the levels of hormones which promote good health.
  • promote the development

    Rather, by exploring the determinants of similarities and differences found between national systems, they can help promote the development of industrial relations as an academic discipline.
  • also promote

    We also promote recreational cycling in the countryside.
  • want to promote

    Does this tell us that either JS or Hovis don't want to promote their bread to us?
  • promote economic

    Objective: to liberalize world trade and by doing so to raise standards of living, to ensure full employment, to expand the production and exchange of goods, and to promote economic development.
  • tour to promote

    The Clash II went on a busking tour to promote the ‘Cut The Crap’ LP.
  • fund to promote

    ‘The remainder, at worst, would go to the state; or better, into a fund to promote industrial safety.’
  • promote the idea

    ‘This is a real opportunity to promote the idea of publishing first novels as paperback originals.
  • aim to promote

    The new organisation would aim to promote younger Spanish artists such as Gordillo, Valdès, Barcelon and Guerrero who he felt could attain the international status of the top rank names such as Tàpies and Chillida.
  • promote equal

    There is no point in merely asking industry to promote equal opportunities policies.
  • promote discussion

    It should promote discussion and communication.
  • seek to promote

    The ICAEW rules do state that we should, under no various circumstances, promote or seek to promote our services in such a way or such an extent as to amount to harassment of a prospective client.
  • promote the interests

    The state is linked to all three components, through a set of institutions which: regulates the sphere of circulation, in order to ensure continued accumulation of surplus value in the sphere of production, but in doing so may promote the interests of certain intra-class groups over others; oversees the processes of economic, biological and cultural reproduction; and acts as the arena within which the popular democratic forces struggle over the other two.
  • step to promote

  • keen to promote

    We are keen to promote the use of such integrated assessment.

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