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  • i can remember

  • do you remember

    do you remember anything about that ?
  • remember how

    I can't remember how many
  • must remember

    We must remember, too, how beneficial are Earth's seasons.
  • even remember

    as though she'd known me, you know, but I couldn't even remember seeing her before.
  • i do remember

  • have to remember

    You'll have to remember what you've used.
  • just remember

    I just remember them wheeling me down to this room and going to sleep.
  • remember last

    Yeah, remember last .
  • never remember

    And er I never remember er my parents painting anything in the house at all.
  • remember anything

    do you remember anything about that ?
  • seem to remember

    I seem to remember papers about that.
  • remember that i

    Many hon. Members are nodding, because they remember that interview.
  • try to remember

  • i remember seeing

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