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  • market share

    ‘The factory seems currently to be booming and increasing its market share,’ he said.
  • earn per share

  • share prices

    Companies that were seen as vulnerable to a Labour victory led share prices upwards.
  • share price

    Investors who bought on the strength of this pitch saw the share price drop.
  • fair share

    Certainly the US has its fair share of spectacularly successful, strong females.
  • per share rose

    Net per share rose 33% to $0.04.
  • i share

  • share capital

    In the case of a company without share capital the return will give no particulars of the members; to ascertain that, resort must be to the company.
  • share issue

    They are standard in America, after a new share issue is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • like to share

    Well I've got some stories that I'd like to share with you but there's a condition.
  • share it out

    Have a guess share it out between ten people.
  • share out

    Now we've done one each and we've got two now to share out between
  • share of world

    The result is a sharp jump in developing countries' share of world output, to 34% from 18% on the old method.
  • able to share

    I wrote to tell Ivy of my delight in it, and of a sense of frustration in being unable to share this pleasure with my brother.
  • net per share

  • share of total

    Its share of total industrial activity has varied over the period but the figures for the late 1960s are representative.
  • need to share

    They need to share in the investigation and think through what they feel they can and cannot do.
  • per cent share

    That is the point at which the 2 per cent share shop charge equals the £28 standard service minimum.
  • half share

    If it was, her children have a half share in the two properties.
  • large share

    This has been brought by Joan Weiss, niece and heir of Armand Hammer's wife, Frances, and she is laying claim to a large share of the collection.

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