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  • speak language

  • speak and written

  • never spoken

    ‘Why have you never spoken of this before?’ she asked.
  • speak english

  • be spoken

    The word cannot be spoken, he wrote.
  • i have spoken

  • both spoken

    All children should be enabled to attain a full command of the English language, both spoken and written.
  • write and spoken

  • speak word

  • speak or written

  • speak words

  • already spoken

    ‘Thank you, I've already spoken to Dr Mason.
  • often spoken

    Luke has often spoken of you.
  • when spoken

    Speak only when spoken to.
  • always spoken

    ‘You have always spoken of it with scorn.’
  • speak standard

  • only spoken

    But in between all these things something happens which is only spoken of in hushed whispers.
  • speak a word

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