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  • tear were

  • burst into tears

    I think I burst into tears, to my shame.
  • there were tears

    When he looked up there were tears in his eyes.
  • back the tears

    Katherine held back the tears with difficulty.
  • bring tears

    Either compliment can bring tears and do for me what the Last Post did for my father.
  • tear when

  • tear running

  • bitter tears

    Ambrose, a native of Treviri, was a severe man, who it was said, would weep bitter tears when confessing a sinner.
  • until tears

    He held out his hand and the Mason crushed it inside his own until tears stood in the boy's eyes.
  • down in tears

    DESPAIR A starving girl breaks down in tears as the search for food ends with an empty jar
  • tear pouring

  • tear came

  • close to tears

    The prince was close to tears.
  • tear pricked

  • feel the tears

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