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  • first time

    It's his first time.
  • time when

    Expulsion of the women's group would mean a significant drop in the total membership of 500,000 at a time when numbers joining are declining.
  • time i

    At one time it was only precious metals.
  • long time

    A long time ago.
  • spare time

    As previous research into juvenile delinquency has found, spare time activities are carried out in groups.
  • each time

    At least 3 specimens were examined for each time point.
  • second time

    That's why I yelled the second time.
  • every time

    When she's married ten years hence, she'll compare her husband's performance with yours and he'll come off worse — every time.
  • time to time

    From time to time is a meaningless phrase, all time is instant.
  • time during

    A specially commissioned painting by railway artist Simon Bowditch will be unveiled for the first time during the day, and limited edition copies given to local dignitaries.

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