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  • bring together

    TAG was taking steps to bring together a working party to design an appropriate scheme.
  • put together

    He's been helping Mark put together the Business Plan and the presentation.
  • come together

    But those that come together for mutual support can and do survive.
  • get together

    we just get together to enjoy the videos
  • hold together

  • together to make

    Seeing what things'll multiply together to make twenty four thirty six and sixty.
  • together like

    Marginal plants should be grouped together like plants in an herbaceous border, several of the same variety being accommodated in a single basket.
  • out together

    We go out together.
  • act together

    In other words they must get their act together and sell the R.L.P.O. to their loyal audience.
  • work together

    ‘It's a time for the local authority, community and club to work together in partnership.’
  • spend together

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