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  • lot of trouble

    HEARTS give a lot of trouble.
  • have trouble

    Some foreign learners also have trouble with their aitches.
  • only trouble

    The only trouble was, the whales sank when killed.
  • out of trouble

    In spite of his vows to stay out of trouble he always managed to find it.
  • trouble because

    he said alright, I, I, I was in trouble because I forgot where I hid them.
  • trouble getting

    "Em-er-sorry, Mr Lee, I had trouble getting back my notes."
  • trouble when

    ‘And there was a lot of trouble when I wanted to help the Vicar.
  • real trouble

    And if it does that you're in real trouble.
  • enough trouble

    ‘You have caused enough trouble.’
  • deal of trouble

    It started with a piece of foolishness that could have got me into a deal of trouble had I not have had a wise check in time from the inspector.

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