Collocations Search



  • uncover the reasons

    Answer yes or no to the statements below and see If it helps you to uncover the reasons for your family relationships — be they bad or good.
  • able to uncover

    I'm not sure that you'll be able to uncover dinosaurs as it were.
  • aim to uncover

    In describing each of the nine archetypes, it is my aim to uncover the forces which lie at the heart of their ‘beings’.
  • attempt to uncover

    The correct salesperson response to hidden objections is to ask questions in an attempt to uncover their nature.
  • must uncover

    The detective must uncover the murderer by logical deduction from facts fairly put.
  • order to uncover

    When receptors receive and decode the message in order to uncover the meaning, the operation is no less complex.

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