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  • unemployment benefit

    In the same year, it became harder to re-qualify for unemployment benefit once entitlement had been exhausted.
  • high unemployment

    This wage inflation can exist even when there is high unemployment and when there are no inflationary expectations.
  • unemployment rate

    Quite the contrary: they were fluctuations of the natural unemployment rate.
  • unemployment figures

    He claimed official unemployment figures for last year showed Darlington's travel to work area had a higher rate than development areas such as Hartlepool and Sunderland.
  • mass unemployment

    The coalition had to agree in principle to the report, announcing its determination to implement the report's assumption that mass unemployment must be prevented.
  • natural unemployment

    Quite the contrary: they were fluctuations of the natural unemployment rate.
  • unemployment insurance

    An unemployment insurance scheme was not seriously proposed in Britain until 1907 when suggested by Beveridge as a desirable complement to labour exchanges: it could replace poor relief and relief works, giving the unemployed a right to benefit while they sought jobs.
  • rise unemployment

  • unemployment among

    It is difficult to judge the extent of unemployment among graduates.
  • reduce unemployment

    Our emergency programme should reduce unemployment by at least 600,000 over two years.
  • poverty and unemployment

    Rise in poverty and unemployment
  • inflation and unemployment

    Worries about inflation and unemployment have eased, particularly in the South.
  • level of unemployment

    When asked to forecast the level of unemployment in a year's time he becomes uncharacteristically coy.
  • unemployment has risen

    As we have seen, unemployment has risen steeply in Britain in recent years.
  • unemployment rates

    The unemployment rates did not differ significantly in these darker areas, being high for both groups.
  • experience of unemployment

    Figure 13.9 Proportion prepared to break the law by alienation by experience of unemployment in last five years

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