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  • wide variety

    A very wide variety of cases are received into care under this section.
  • variety of ways

    According to Schumpeter, his definition improves on classical democratic theory in a variety of ways.
  • variety of different

    State regiments are always infantry, and may be equipped in a variety of different ways with different types of armour and weapons.
  • variety of possible

    These propositions are large and open to a variety of possible objections.
  • great variety

    I mean th a great variety of things are depressing but can you identify what makes you depressed?
  • variety of sources

    Starlings have been observed using greenery from a variety of sources, as well as flower petals, which are often replaced when they wither.
  • variety of reasons

    Meanwhile, our employers are becoming more involved, and for a variety of reasons.
  • variety of plants

    This video shows an extraordinary variety of plants and animals, including birds and rodents that never need to drink!
  • use a variety

    One can also use a variety of fine or coarse resin grounds.
  • huge variety

    The existence of such a rule of recognition may take any of a huge variety of forms, simple or complex.
  • variety is so

    A complete range of enquiry services is available to personal callers — the variety is so large as to make description impossible.
  • variety of business

    It covers a variety of business topics.
  • variety of interesting

    In all of these places you will find a wide variety of interesting small animals.
  • variety club

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