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  • walk around

    1 Guided six hour walk around the foothills of the Old Man of Coniston.
  • walk down

    It was safe to walk down her street.
  • walk through

    Blake continued to walk through the fog-shrouded streets.
  • just walk

    But they,th th th they just walk on, they don't have to pay anything
  • walk up

    and walk up .
  • walk along

    Left: Bolton Abbey is a good start point for a walk alongside The Strid in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • walk out

    Coaches walk out
  • walk round

    ‘Let us walk round the gardens until you have to go home, my pretty cousin.’
  • i walk

  • walk back

    The five mile walk back to town seemed more attractive.
  • short walk

    The Barracks:A short walk from the amphitheatre.
  • walk across

    It's very relaxing to walk across the grass and get away from cars and buildings.
  • have to walk

    Did you have to walk there.
  • five minutes walk

    Set between the main road and the lake front promenade, the hotel is about five minutes walk from Malcesine's centre.
  • start to walk

  • long walk

    Might be a long walk, but it would be nice.
  • pleasant walk

    The surrounding path system makes the area an ideal place for a pleasant walk.
  • use to walk

    Eleven o'clock, there weren't restrictions then on, they could keep open as long as they liked, no restrictions on, on time, and er as I say their own place you know it really it was picturesque, I thought in since erm I contacted you I've been thinking how, what I could help with and er what I could still think about, and er it was really a sight because to walk and it always used to be crowded, well it was one of the best markets round here and er people used to go off and from Bloxwich and er although there's a good market at Walsall there wasn't a Bloxwich market then sadly for years and years, but erm and then if you went to Wolverhampton you got to walk through Windsfield you got to er walk everywhere you went then and except on a Saturday night when the wagonettes used to run on a Saturday but it was amazing to see the girl behind the range now controlling to
  • walk past

    I didn't notice yesterday, mind you I didn't walk past, yes I did, I must of walked past it

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