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  • religious commitment

    In addition, what can easily be dismissed as paradox, inconsistency, or even hypocrisy may none the less represent some form of genuine religious commitment.
  • lack of commitment

    Is not that the true measure of the Act and of the Government's lack of commitment to the environment?
  • strong commitment

    The constitution of the association contained a strong commitment to feminist demands for the reform of male sexuality, together with a coercive policy of sexual regulation.
  • ongoing commitment

    It is the level of the government's ongoing commitment to honour the recommendations over pay and conditions of the Nurses' and Midwives' Pay Review Body (PRB) which has so incensed the professions.
  • firm commitment

    The Government for their part have given a firm commitment to implement the recommendations of the review body unless there are clear and compelling reasons to do otherwise.
  • total commitment

    Your success will come because of your will to succeed and your total commitment to your ideal.
  • continue commitment

  • have a commitment

    They should have debriefing sessions with their own counsellor at least monthly and should have a commitment to audit and reaccreditation.

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