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  • have no doubt

    And I have no doubt that they have set that cause back further than they ever know.’
  • cast doubt

    –The Observer , although less personal in its attack, also cast doubt over the quality of the WHS management.
  • doubt there

    No doubt there were.
  • i doubt whether

  • doubt many

    No doubt many fewer laymen are aware of the parallel legal practice of precedent.
  • doubt that there

    There was little doubt that there were men who were as eligible, whose names would have aroused less comment.
  • though no doubt

    Although no doubt you'll want to check."
  • do not doubt

    ‘I do not doubt your ability to find your bed.
  • seem little doubt

  • doubt have

    Mrs Brocklebank, had she been here, would no doubt have pointed them out with triumph.

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