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  • financial times

  • financial year

    It's getting near the end of the financial year.
  • financial institutions

    Indeed, the financial institutions would be hit by a continued slip in house prices.
  • financial support

    Please give your financial support to help them continue their work tomorrow.
  • financial statements

    25 Approval of financial statements
  • financial services act

    Er no good er the same way with the financial services act.
  • international financial

    The prime minister appealed for international financial help for the Gulf conflict.
  • financial markets

    The Bank of England evolved as the regulator of banks largely through its operations in the financial markets.
  • financial management

    The office has been set up in partnership with FM Recruitment, the London-based financial management specialists.
  • financial resources

    The operating centre and financial resources
  • financial reporting

    The Pru's ‘transparent’ financial reporting has been dominating the headlines recently since it restated its 1991 life and pensions accounts under the accruals basis.
  • financial information

    The management accountant will use the financial accounts and to a greater extent the cost accounts to prepare the necessary financial information for management decisions.
  • financial control

    Several prison reforms have now been introduced: an independent Prison Inspectorate, financial controls, and legal representation for prisoners at certain disciplinary hearings.
  • financial constraints

    They have had to face the demands of liturgical change, increasing pressures from tourism, media attention, financial constraints and the expensive upkeep of large and ancient buildings.
  • financial assistance

    Substantial financial assistance is also available for housing improvements.
  • financial claims

    Financial intermediaries thus acquire direct financial claims on borrowers and generate the required secondary financial claims to meet the surplus sector's needs.
  • range of financial

    The group suggest that, in return, farmers be offered a range of financial incentives for countryside conservation, such as leaving "wildlife corridors" and unmown field headlands, planting appropriate woodland and cutting back on use of pesticides.
  • financial advisers

    So it will be interesting to see if Sugar's financial advisers Kleinwort Benson can come up with any more cash.
  • financial difficulties

    Death and financial difficulties finally finished off the business around 1809.
  • private financial

    ‘I don't think he would want to discuss his private financial arrangements with a newspaper,’ a Stormont spokesman said.
  • under financial

    Evidence shows that some residential projects are coming under financial strain as money and clients dry up.
  • financial arrangements

    ‘I don't think he would want to discuss his private financial arrangements with a newspaper,’ a Stormont spokesman said.
  • state of financial

    At a meeting of a committee of the Skupština in December 1986, the Federal Secretary of Finance said: ‘We must face our reality — that we have in this economy and in this country a very serious state of financial disorder…
  • under the financial

  • financial centre

    The role of the City of London as one of the world's three leading financial centres is widely acknowledged.
  • financial intermediaries

    As financial intermediaries these institutions provide four important services.
  • financial benefits

    The financial benefits of the merger of these two apparently disparate companies were heavily stressed by Mr Lagardère at separate shareholders' meetings on 29th December.
  • financial centres

    The role of the City of London as one of the world's three leading financial centres is widely acknowledged.
  • financial problems

    Poland's financial problems were reduced by increased coal output and increased electricity sales to other East European countries.


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