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  • do not impose

    The broad concept of confidentiality agreements is unobjectionable but care is needed to ensure that such agreements do not impose limitations in the scope of our work such that it would be impossible to report in accordance with the terms of engagement.
  • power to impose

    Furthermore, the Commission has power to impose fines on parties in breach of Article 85(1).
  • seek to impose

    Recent criticism has become increasingly interested in the institutions which seek to impose controls on what we can say about the Renaissance.
  • impose conditions

    The plaintiff can now impose conditions upon or even revoke the permission it has granted.
  • impose a duty

    West Germany had already decided to impose a duty on carbon dioxide emissions, with the proceeds being invested in energy-efficient technology.
  • able to impose

    In neither case is there any additional disciplinary power with which the employer or customer are able to impose their will.
  • try to impose

    men often try to impose coherence on that condition.’
  • impose penalties

    Appeals against his conclusions would be heard by an independent tribunal, which would be able to impose penalties of up to 10% of turnover (although initially this would be limited to £1m).
  • impose fines

    Furthermore, the Commission has power to impose fines on parties in breach of Article 85(1).
  • government to impose

    Relations between the two countries deteriorated further after a decision by the Turkish government to impose visa restrictions on all Britons visiting Turkey after Nov. 1.
  • decision to impose

    It says this is in reply to the government's decision to impose VAT on electricity.
  • impose vat

  • impose similar

    The Social Charter will impose similar wages on the otherwise low-wage economies of the EC, reducing their competitiveness and safeguarding jobs in Germany.
  • attempt to impose

    Clearly this is an attempt to impose a national screening and surveillance programme to monitor the health of older people.
  • right to impose

    First it denies it the right to impose certain obligations, denies that some laws if enacted will be binding.
  • impose order

    ‘In the same way that you hoped to impose order on the undercity?’ asked Tundrish sarcastically.
  • impose controls

    Thirdly, the courts can impose controls on how the discretion is exercised.
  • want to impose

    ‘I don't want to impose on you people, I…’
  • order to impose

    On April 3, the UK Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd, said during an interview with the BBC that "I don't think we can get into the business of using force…in order to impose a particular political answer on Iraq" .


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