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  • advice on how

    For detailed advice on how to stop crime in business see page 36.
  • advice and assistance

    In the examples given, it needs to be said that all the people would qualify for advice and assistance and for full civil legal aid after 1 April, on the information given.
  • provide advice

    Their role will be to provide advice and support aimed at helping employees to stop the problem at source.
  • help and advice

    Exploring Parenthood is an organisation which offers help and advice to parents.
  • money advice

    ‘This levy could be seen a s a form of compulsory insurance against the need to use money advice services,’ the NCC said.
  • sound advice

    Laura Lee's article was well balanced and gave sound advice on a variety of ways forward.
  • offer advice

    Professional career counsellors can assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer advice.
  • take legal advice

  • citizens advice

  • advice centre

    A CLEVELAND drugs advice centre is expanding to provide weekly sessions for people seeking confidential advice.
  • detail advice

  • advice and support

    Their role will be to provide advice and support aimed at helping employees to stop the problem at source.
  • independent legal advice

    (3) That you recommended that we should obtain independent legal advice before signing this letter.
  • practical advice

    Very much the Mrs Beeton of childbirth, he gives sound and practical advice.
  • advice and practical

    Psychologist Elizabeth John is here to help, with expert advice and practical suggestions
  • need advice

    However, the HSE will continue to need advice from GMAG.
  • advice bureaux

    A particular type of credit and money-management education is that needed for the people who unfortunately have to pick up the pieces when consumers get into difficulties over credit use: consumer and community advisers, citizens' advice bureaux staff, social workers, even probation officers.
  • advice bureau

    Why don't you save a bit of money by firing that debt advisor in the Council and funnel all them to the debt advice bureau outside in the regular way?

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