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  • alarm clock

    a great alarm clock,
  • fire alarm

    (fire alarm
  • alarm bell

    An alarm bell rings.
  • alarm calls

    Up to five alarm calls per day can be set and there's a perpetual calendar as well.
  • smoke alarm

    He didn't have a smoke alarm.
  • burglar alarm

    Great Caesar; a burglar alarm.
  • set the alarm

    He locked his doors, cranked the seat back, and set the alarm on his wrist-watch.
  • alarm system

    alarm systems:
  • alarm clocks

    The cartons contained dynamite, blasting caps, sections of metal pipe, and several cheap alarm clocks.
  • false alarm

    It finally became clear it was a false alarm.
  • alarm was raised

    The alarm was raised when they failed to turn up at their destination at 1pm.
  • alarm among

    Apprehension grew to alarm among the targets of his abuse.
  • alarm when

    There is also the question of a special baby alarm when they get home.
  • alarm bells ringing

    There were alarm bells ringing in Edward's skull.
  • baby alarm

    It sound like a baby alarm to me.
  • off the alarm

    That's if we're not going to set off the alarm system!’
  • alarm call

    Up to five alarm calls per day can be set and there's a perpetual calendar as well.
  • sound the alarm

    The bystander was not aware of the crash button on the alarm fitted to the hangar wall, and finding the control room locked, she was unable to sound the alarm.
  • raise the alarm

    The prosecution alleges one of the 3 defendants started the fire and all 3 did nothing to save the twins or raise the alarm.
  • alarm systems

    alarm systems:
  • set alarm bells

    Its clatter set alarm bells ringing in her head and, heart in mouth, she bent to retrieve the coin.
  • notice with alarm

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