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  • plan application

  • application forms

    application forms
  • application form

    application forms
  • practical application

    In the practical application of his theory Acton became much more pragmatic.
  • application development

    So this is where we believe the market place is today with application development in the G U I desktop.
  • application programming

    X.400 mail, Novell Inc NetWare local area networking, Powersearch version 3, Powerlink, all server software as well as an application programming interface (API) toolkit called Powerkit are all included.
  • application for registration

    Forms of application for registration as a Local Centre may be obtained on application to the Board.
  • make application

    The metal angle bead which forms the curve of the arch provides a guide for the plastering trowel, to make application of plaster easier.
  • application software

    Its strengths, meanwhile, include its application software base, Sun's substantial investment, and the availability of second source suppliers.
  • application must

    It is an all too common situation that the advisor miscalculates or simply forgets the relevant time limit within which the application must be made.


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