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  • full colour

    (As part of the Scientific American Library series, this book is lavishly illustrated in full colour.
  • colour graphics

    Presented in VGA colour graphics and using a mouse, the game looks good and is easy to play.
  • blank for colour

    You could knit a whole beautiful wardrobe using this technique and it can be even more exciting if you use three or four colours by leaving two rows blank for colour one, two rows blank for colour two, two rows blank for colour three and two rows of holes for colour four.
  • colour patterns

    Machine knitters generally refer to two colour patterns knitted on the main bed alone as Fair Isle.
  • different colour

    Somebody get a different colour .
  • most common colour

    What is the most common colour in your wardrobe?
  • blue colour

    This may have been a conservative blue colour with an elegant stripe down the middle of it, but it was all skew-whiff.

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