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  • digital equipment corp

  • piece of equipment

    This is an incredible piece of equipment, beautifully made (if somewhat rusty).
  • computer equipment

    As far as computer equipment (hardware) is concerned, this may be purchased outright or hired.
  • equipment so

    Attacked, promises General Powell, it will be — once its supply lines along the Euphrates valley have been severed and its men and equipment softened up from the air.
  • expensive equipment

    The local area network (LAN) arrived in the early 80s as a means of sharing expensive equipment.
  • office equipment

    Bought office equipment at a cost of £400.
  • equipment now

    If we do not need all that DP equipment now we may need it in the future.
  • radio equipment

    However, where a single battery is used to power both the radio equipment and the gyro motor, the battery pack normally supplied with the radio equipment will not have sufficient capacity to give a reasonable safety margin.

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