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  • bleak house

    He wanted to be two hundred miles away, where he had come from — even in that bleak house in that wasted corner of the sleet-driven estate.
  • so bleak

    and how the future looks so bleak and grim
  • bleak picture

    In fact she was so wrathful that her mind conjured a bleak picture of the situation.
  • bleak winter

    While away these bleak winter evenings with our vista of enticing holiday locations.
  • face a bleak

    HIV patients in Glasgow face a bleak future, according to a new survey.
  • bleak little

    Shannon gave a bleak little laugh.
  • very bleak

    Their future is very bleak.
  • through the bleak

    Mandeville said he would report the woman's death when we returned to Templecombe and so we continued our cold journey through the bleak Somerset countryside.
  • be bleak

    I'm afraid it will be bleak for some time.’

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