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  • break down

    When Johann did not come, we had to break down the castle door.
  • break up

    To get maximum impact, break up the messages and the format.
  • try to break

    He would try to break you.’
  • break out

    Six tried to break out but two were recaptured by police.
  • break off

    There may be a decision to break off negotiations precisely in order to achieve some end in those negotiations.
  • break through

    ‘Then break through the shield!’
  • break it down

    Open up, Jenna, before I break it down completely.’
  • break the deadlock

    Bangor failed to break the deadlock in the 15th and 26th minutes when Paul Gray and Stephen Hill squandered two good chances.
  • break the law

    I've got no right to do it, I break the law like anyone else.
  • break away

    Even seemingly wild ideas may be aired at this point to break away from stale thinking.
  • have a break

    Can we have a break now for fifteen minutes?
  • break free

    Police say the boy, who hasn't been named, managed to break free and ran off.
  • i break

  • should break

    ‘Then don't you think you should break this off?’
  • break even

    Therefore, if the firms involved are to break even, how should they do it?
  • preparedness to break

    We have to think of possible test factors which are related to both income and preparedness to break the law.
  • christmas break

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