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  • summer vacation

    A further 34 validations have been scheduled before the summer vacation.
  • long vacation

    I am about to take a long vacation.
  • vacation courses

    Junior Courses: All inclusive vacation courses for students aged 10 to 17 in several centres.
  • vacation time

    (156)…might try providing standard vacation time off but make the vacation pay depend on the number of hours worked.
  • christmas vacation

  • during vacation

    If you are undecided whether to apply, you may visit a Government Department during vacation in order to see what goes on, your reasonable expenses being refunded.
  • during the vacation

    He asked students,’ Are you really trying hard enough to get jobs during the vacation?
  • vacation before

    He then took the family south to Alabama for a short vacation before they all left the country.
  • vacation periods

    The Accommodation Service is available to provide assistance during the vacation periods as well as during term-time.
  • vacation work

    Students have always looked for vacation work.

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