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  • raise doubts

    It could be that you think he'll say ‘no’ or that he'll raise doubts and practical concerns.
  • serious doubts

    By a quarter to five Kathleen was having serious doubts about her sanity.
  • doubt whether

  • doubt have

  • have doubts

    That's when I began to have doubts about the company.
  • have any doubts

    Oh no — the doctor doesn't have any doubts.’
  • doubt about whether

  • doubt concerning

  • cast doubts

    Investors have been unsettled by a filibuster in Congress, which cast doubts on the president's ability to push through as big a deficit-reduction as they were expecting.
  • have grave doubts

    ‘I have grave doubts that Barbara Mullen would ever have had an understanding, Janet.
  • have some doubts

    Now the Times has never asked me to write a leading article announcing that I have some doubts about the quantum theory
  • because of doubts

    However, this ad hoc procedure has not been without its critics, largely because of doubts about whether it is possible to perform the exercise with sufficient precision to arrive at a clear-cut evaluation.
  • where doubts

    Whichever method is used, it is essential that where doubts exist management should monitor the output of the work-force before finalising the target.
  • express doubts

  • grow doubts

  • doubt were expressed

  • have no doubts

    ‘I have no doubts at all.
  • linger doubts

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