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  • dual carriageway

    And this is er a dual carriageway.
  • dual purpose

    This is a dual purpose crop.
  • dual role

    Market segmentation plays a dual role, namely (i) as a marketing tool, and (ii) as a basic input to business planning.
  • dual system

    For centuries Japan had a dual system of rule: a reigning emperor based at Kyoto and a military government whose seat was normally outside the capital.
  • dual problem

    The defence establishment is faced with a dual problem.
  • dual processor

    The company works with multiple hardware platforms, including Sparc, DEC, HP, Intel and Control Data — it is about to take possession of a dual processor 4680 CDC machine — along with X-terminals from NCD, Tektronix and Tandberg.
  • have a dual

    ‘They have a dual purpose,’ a spokesman explained.
  • dual focus

    For our November meeting we had a dual focus of interest.
  • dual purposes

    The dual purposes of this chapter are to describe and explain this major division in the distribution of resources in old age.
  • dual citizenship

    However, dual citizenship would not be allowed.
  • dual controls

    The seat next to him is usually left empty, partly for weight and C of G considerations, but also because some of the aircraft have dual controls.
  • first dual

    Surtees was not content to end his career as the first dual world champion; he wanted more.
  • dual state thesis

    But, crucially, unlike Castells and Dunleavy they reject a unitary view of the state in favour of a ‘dualistic’ theory of politics — the dual state thesis .
  • dual carriage way

    erm end of dual, end of dual carriage way end of dual carriage way
  • dual function

    The RSJC has a dual function.
  • dual simplex

    When , but the dual simplex pivot selection rule does not give a pivot column (because all entries are non-negative).

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