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  • question of whether

    Mr 's second question related to the question of whether rows, E
  • raise the question

    But no one on either side of the Atlantic was eager to raise the question of the effect of American cancellation on Britain.
  • second question

    The second question was about sticking collage pieces in place.
  • question of how

    Chapter 6 considers the question of how tasks can be assigned to levels within and between topics.
  • just a question

    It's just a question of getting the damn thing on the screen.’
  • question whether

    Amongst the points in issue was the question whether, if the appeal was validly brought, the court had jurisdiction to make an order for costs.
  • next question

    The Brownie who gives the best directions asks the next question.
  • when the question

    Second, when the question turns to how God is everywhere, the analogy to light is seen as useful.
  • question mark

    Cantona's arrival clearly puts a question mark against the futures of Mark Hughes and Brian McClair.
  • first question

    The answer to the first question involves an analysis of speciation, which in turn leads to a consideration of the ecological conditions under which such speciation might have taken place, and the answer to the second also involves an analysis of the physical and biotic influences on the organisms concerned.
  • year in question

  • question time

    I've asked myself that question time and again.
  • whole question

    The whole question of eye care and hygiene and the use and proper maintenance of aids to vision needs to be included and discussed in the health education curriculum.

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