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  • draw attention

    You can underline, colour-code, or in any other way emphasise particular parts of the word you want to draw attention to.
  • little attention

    One such marker (and one to which Van den Berghe gives little attention) is religion.
  • special attention

    Pay special attention to:
  • pay attention

    The retailer needs to pay attention to where and how he stores goods.
  • attention away

    Chunnel cynics think the high profile of the rabies defences is meant to draw attention away from the real hazards of what's been called the longest crematorium in the world
  • focus attention

    ‘They have certainly helped focus attention on the real contribution individuals and local teams can make.’
  • close attention

    Projects undertaken by the Overholland Foundation have, during its brief existence, been characterised by high standards and a close attention to detail.
  • attention to detail

    Sometimes I would purposely not pay attention to detail or to nothing.’
  • draw the attention

    Er I simply draw the attention of the panel to that to the obvious conflict between those two er conclusions.
  • so much attention

    But I don't pay so much attention to the words people use.
  • public attention

    Labour strategists claim their recent silence has been deliberate: they do not want to divert public attention from the poll-tax pantomime.
  • draw your attention

    Q May I draw your attention to a couple of pieces of equipment?
  • focus of attention

    Instead of skipping through unnoticed he was now the focus of attention.
  • less attention

    ‘The more you pay attention to the body, the less attention you've got left to pay the soul.
  • scant attention

    Considering the time we invest in choosing our dream home and refurbishing it, security often receives scant attention — and by the time we do get round to dealing with it, it may be too late.
  • attention drawn

    He says the security people had their attention drawn away from the closed circuit television system when they should be watching.
  • attention when

    The line of soldiers was still half standing to attention when I went through them.
  • pay particular attention

    Will my hon. Friend pay particular attention to the application of a company in my constituency which requires a small amount of insurance cover that could lead to tens of millions of pounds' worth of business?

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