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  • interference between

    The fractional-order beams result from interference between scattered waves involving an adatom at least once.
  • political interference

    There was no political interference at the V
  • possible interference

    Another unresolved conflict concerns possible interference between domestic or commercial users who have installed systems in neighbouring premises.
  • outside interference

    Well in in the sense that erm they've said referred to outside interference
  • differential interference contrast

    Lesser degrees of hyposplenism can be detected by other techniques including the clearance of isotopically labelled heated erythrocytes or differential interference contrast microscopy.
  • human interference

    But I am more bothered by the implications of losing what may be the last chance of a home-grown refuge free from ongoing human interference.
  • lead to interference

    This could in turn lead to interference with the normal negative feedback loop and result in a rise in the circulating gastrin values; indeed serum gastrin has been found to rise significantly after cigarette smoking in patients with duodenal ulcer disease.
  • avoid interference

    That is, there is reason to accept the outcome of market processes and avoid interference with them.
  • little interference

    Vocalisation suppression interfered with rhyming judgements in the experiment, but there was little interference with the meaning-similarity task.
  • interference with contract

    While there may be wrongful interference with contract short of actual breach, there must be interference with performance of the contract.

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