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  • higher education

    Assessing quality in higher education
  • further education

    Higher and further education; Education professions
  • adult education

    Much time and effort has been put into promoting adult education this summer.
  • local education authorities

    They need to know what is being done by the local education authorities and, through them, what is happening in the schools.
  • department of education

  • sex education

    A good sex education for all teenagers is essential.
  • community education

    It indicated that community education for peace and reconstruction offered a possible alternative to violence and conflict by building a united working-class movement based on local community action.
  • secondary education

    Thus the growth of secondary education was a development parallel to that of the National Health Service.
  • education act

    There is little doubt that, taken to their ultimate conclusion, the full range of proposed reforms would severely wound the remaining teacher education activities of the Catholic Colleges of Higher Education, possibly mortally so.
  • continue education

  • education and science

  • education and training

    For 16 to 18-year-olds in education and training.
  • education system

    I am extremely proud of the comprehensive education system.
  • health education

    Their chapter on health education emphasises the importance of effective communication, and in particular, the need for sensitivity to different cultural traditions.
  • teacher education

    These occasions can be the beginnings of more determined initiatives in continuing teacher education.
  • scottish education

  • chief education

  • liberal education

    Somewhat improbably this creature of advanced civilisation was produced by means of a liberal education in the semi-barbarous institution of the English public school.
  • board of education

  • special education

    The number of mildly handicapped children in special education fell from 76,000 to under 70,000 in England between 1976 and 1981.
  • education through

    Following on from the 1988 Education Act, government has introduced a very ambitious programme for education through its National Curriculum and testing schemes.
  • education department

    The new council would take a higher profile, advising clubs on grant aid, first aid training, and work closely with the education department to draw more Knowsley schoolchildren into club sports.
  • national education

    The retreat of individuals to the private sector simply obscures the deep troubles of national education as a whole.
  • education departments

    The referral scheme works in conjunction with statutory bodies and professionals from the social services and education departments and health authorities who will be invited to referral scheme management groups.
  • education project

    These examples are located in: a local authority-funded employment project; a Local Education Authority Institute of Adult Education; a College of Further Education; a university adult education project for unemployed people; and the work of the Trades Union Congress Centres Against Unemployment.
  • education staff

    Higher education staff see their academic imprimatur as more important in career terms than being accepted by a commercial publisher.
  • level of education

    With no high level of education they lay claim instead to ‘experience’— an intimate familiarity with the way things have been done in the past — and ‘common sense’— a rich fund of practical knowledge about the job and its problems which inculcates a sense of the reasonable.
  • education committee

    the, the, the education committee and the school governors have no money at all
  • vocational education

    It will also be available to anyone else involved in vocational education and training.
  • education should

    Put this analogy into the teaching situation, where the argument often runs that the teacher in higher education should not just be doing research, but that that research should be brought into the curriculum.
  • user education

    They attend many conferences on user education in the capacity of chairmen or speakers or frequently as exhibitors of user education teaching material.
  • physical education

    FIRST class sport in County Durham is leading the nation as physical education becomes part of the National Curriculum.


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