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  • free trade

    ‘He hasn't made clear his views on free trade, which is of acute interest to the technology business,’ Gates said.
  • free hand

    She lifted her free hand to guard her face, wondering where the blow would fall.
  • free market

    There has been no free market in residential property since the early years of this century.
  • free church

  • free of charge

    Most shops will deliver gifts free of charge within a certain radius.
  • free to do

    In other words, he is free to do what Picasso was trying to do for him in his painting.
  • should be free

    He should be free to use or disclose or sell his skill and knowledge after the end of employment in any way he thinks fit.
  • free energy

    The free energy for a deformed network
  • free kick

    His free kick that hit the post would have been the goal of the year if it had gone in.
  • three free

  • free range

  • be free

    But you can be free!’
  • free tickets

    The Independent has free tickets to offer for: Shirley Valentine (2 pairs); Monkeyshines (5 pairs); and Life And Nothing But (5 pairs).

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