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  • heavy rain

    Looking out of the window she saw that the drizzle had become heavy rain.
  • heavy burden

    I feel a heavy burden has been lifted from me.
  • very heavy

    I remember that, a few years later, when I took Richard to London for the first time, we experienced a very heavy raid.
  • too heavy

    Was it too heavy then?
  • heavy metal

    The third was a heavy metal musical set on the Isle of Skye.
  • heavy industries

    The chances are that in some organizations there will be real difficulties and dangers such as in nursing, coal mining, and heavy industries or indeed any work situation which has machinery.
  • heavy demands

    Once king, Henry soon set about making heavy demands of the French.
  • under heavy

    Observers sent to look for the men came under heavy fire, seriously injuring a French officer.
  • heavy industry

    The budget deficit was to be cut to 60,000 million roubles by reducing central state expenditure on investment (notably in heavy industry), the military and administration.
  • heavy goods vehicles

    And earlier a lorry driver suffered serious injuries when four heavy goods vehicles crashed on the same stretch of road.
  • so heavy

    Gradually his eyes felt so heavy, he had to close them.
  • days of heavy

    On Dec. 20 government forces took Karfarnihan after three days of heavy fighting.

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