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  • spend a lot

    You do spend a lot of time on the radio telephone.
  • want to spend

    I don't want to spend my time travelling
  • spend time

    I'll have to spend time showing them how to use your machine.’
  • spend money

    And these kids spend money on it.
  • spend the rest

    Return to Washington and spend the rest of the day at leisure.
  • spend most

    Is that what you spend most of it on probably?
  • spend more time

    Norman Lamont's family says it doesn't want to spend more time with him.
  • spend some time

    Wherever we are, we are hoping that Rob and Joyce will spend some time with us.
  • spend a day

    Everywhere I go like he follows me know what I mean, I'm sitting up there at one stage and he, he'd spend a day sort of curls, curls up and cuddles me.
  • prepare to spend

  • spend the night

    On my arrival I was taken straight to Sick Bay where I was to spend the night, as a billet had not yet been found for me.
  • able to spend

    will my doctor be able to spend as much time with me?
  • have to spend

    I'll have to spend time showing them how to use your machine.’
  • spend half

    You don't have to spend half a day in a moving microwave oven racing lorries down the autostrada.
  • spend ten

    He had a bad attack of bronchitis during February and was forced to spend ten days in hospital.
  • money to spend

    But the manager knows that he has no money to spend on new players.’
  • spend the whole

    Eyes sparkling, Vicky told me: ‘Laurence and I are to spend the whole day together.’
  • go to spend

  • spend hours

    I would spend hours daydreaming about it.
  • spend two

    Sharon, 28, planned to spend two months climbing in the Himalayas.
  • spend at least

    Graham, John Taylor and I spend at least the equivalent of a day a week on cycling matters.
  • spend three

    I had to spend three days in bed and didn't really kick a ball in the build-up to the Highfield Road game.
  • must spend

    ‘Now they are husband and wife they must spend the rest of their life together.’
  • spend a fortune

    So you wouldn't have to spend a fortune on, on, on I mean it's only a matter of most of it's a matter of paint, and then hanging a few things up isn't it?
  • decide to spend

  • still spend

    Still spend still spend your money Irene.
  • spend up

    I can spend up to £50 ($75) or so.
  • spend a penny

    Raising cash to spend a penny
  • spend the first

    Didn't you spend the first session deciding whether to include that little pre-position?
  • force to spend

  • use to spend

    It would be unfair to the House to spend hours reeling off reams of statistics but, so that the picture of Shrewsbury is fully painted, I must tell the House that in 1983 there were 1,334 long-term unemployed people.
  • spend a few

    The advance party has now returned to base camp to spend a few days feeding up on military rations of sausage and beans and chocolate and pear ready for the final push.

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