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  • human beings

    Ethologists graduating to human beings from animals have tended to be ‘splitters’.
  • human nature

    Am beginning to suspect human nature.
  • human life

    For the first time, Salvadorean women will know the meaning of self-respect, whereas before, not even human life was respected.
  • human body

    Life on Mars: NASA may be forced to revise its vision of a space colony, taking into account the frailty of the human body
  • human being

    ‘I wonder what dreadful thing I did to end up as a human being?’
  • court of human

  • human rights organization

    On May 20 the human rights organization Amnesty International had expressed concern at the lack of access of defence counsel and the "selection" process for the 200 detainees waiting to be tried.
  • human race

    Am I judged to be a member of the human race, or classified as some lesser species?’
  • human capital

    A minimal extension is to a labour market approach, which concentrates on the market productive role of human capital and asks what personal budget allows for a growing economy.
  • commission on human

  • human resource

    His intellectual approach to the management of human resources seems to have made matters worse.
  • human cftr

  • complete human

    (Even nursing of the terminally sick relates to the significance of death as the end of a complete human life, not just to the final days in hospital.)
  • human activity

    Oakeshott's notion of tradition arises out of a genuinely philosophical analysis of human activity and in no way presupposes (as I think Burke's appeal to tradition does) a belief in the wisdom or rationality of history.
  • stage in human

    Marx condemned capitalism because it frustrated human potential and self-actualization, but believed it was a necessary stage in human dialectical development.
  • human rights abuses

    In 1978, in an attempt to wipe the slate clean, Pinochet declared an amnesty to cover all human rights abuses since the coup.


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