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  • scientific knowledge

    This is what is meant by claiming that scientific knowledge is ‘public’ knowledge — that is, that it is in principle testable and verifiable by anyone/everyone and not merely a matter of private belief.
  • acquire knowledge

    Analysis of mechanisms by which human observers acquire knowledge of faces
  • knowledge and skills

    In both the OCEA and GAIM projects, for example, teachers note pupils' use of knowledge and skills in the course of problem solving.
  • product knowledge

    An individual who has no product knowledge but has imagination can often stimulate ideas.
  • technical knowledge

    Nourish says: ‘The technical knowledge and equipment to provide adequate containment is available.
  • sociology of knowledge

    None the less, he did con firm that there was a place for the sociology of knowledge — provided it lost its ‘epistemological impedimentia’(Merton 1957: 508).
  • lack of knowledge

    Anyway that, that I mean lack of experience, lack of knowledge and, put that down to, probably but that's just another story.
  • background knowledge

    There are four areas in particular where new research and established practice can give you a good framework and background knowledge for your care.
  • skills and knowledge

    The core units are designed to inculcate the special skills and knowledge that are indispensable to those seeking employment in the area covered by a particular Board.
  • knowledge of how

    In hard-copy systems one finds a paper by applying one's knowledge of how hierarchical systems work.
  • experience and knowledge

    The answer is reached through the factual conclusions on tests and from the experience and knowledge of the writer.

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