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  • only a minority

    Dissenters normally formed only a minority of townsmen but they were often an influential one.
  • small minority

    They serve a largely middle-class clientele and, for a small minority, provide a satisfactory option to NHS hospital care.
  • ethnic minority groups

    We are determined to ensure that women and men from ethnic minority groups are full and equal members of the community.
  • minority shareholder

    As part of the rescue operation it left control of the banks with the minority shareholders.
  • minority government

    Jugnauth then announced that he would continue in office, as head of a minority government depending on external support from the MMM.
  • minority interest

    Such minority interests were often sold.
  • minority group

    For example, a day centre or residential home might have staff from the main minority groups.
  • minority leader

    The influential US Senate minority leader Bob Dole calls for a cut in foreign aid to Israel.
  • serbian minority

  • tiny minority

    In the nature of things, only a tiny minority had the control of, or access to, the press and were thus able to exercise this freedom.
  • substantial minority

    A substantial minority, however, do not.
  • ethnic minority children

    Her school has a high proportion of ethnic minority children where I felt Balbinder might not have seemed such a problem.
  • minority movement

  • minority interests

    Such minority interests were often sold.
  • minority were

    Analysis of secondary schools in the south east revealed a minority were responsible for the majority of all exclusions in the area.
  • hungarian minority

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