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  • reduce the number

    What are we really talking about when saying we would have to reduce the numbers of staff?
  • reduce the amount

    Reducing the fraction of benefits which the manager receives will reduce the amount of effort put in, ceteris paribus.
  • reduce the risk

    Advice is also available on injecting techniques and safer sex to reduce the risk of hepatitis or HIV.
  • should reduce

    Object-oriented approaches should reduce this time dramatically, POSC says.
  • help to reduce

    Learning effects may also help to reduce costs and thereby prices.
  • able to reduce

    With the new, smaller board, they were able to reduce the support staff.
  • attempt to reduce

    Domitian's decree was the first recorded attempt to reduce a European winelake.
  • reduce the likelihood

    To use the term more widely may reduce the likelihood that the pupil will be encouraged to use any vision, however slight it may be.
  • reduce the size

    Keys in all VSAM indexes are compressed, only the distinguishing parts of the keys being stored, in order to reduce the size of index entries.
  • order to reduce

    In the same way, external stimuli become incorporated into dreams in order to reduce their arousing effect.
  • reduce the level

    Even some Keynesians argued that higher rates or local taxes could reduce the level of private savings, thus boosting demand above the expected levels.
  • also reduce

    Demonstrations also reduce risk because they prove the benefits of the product.
  • reduce emissions

    The European Community (EC) has since agreed to stabilise or reduce emissions by 2000.
  • likely to reduce

    Although slowing the traffic down it is unlikely to reduce the volume, and the pinch points will result in the tailback of vehicles waiting to get through.
  • help reduce

    On July 4, 1989, the government, business leaders and the CTV signed an economic pact to help reduce inflation and combat recession.
  • way to reduce

    The only sure way to reduce the danger is to reduce the world's store of uranium and plutonium.
  • reduce the rate

    But the main interest is in trying to reduce the rate of first heart attacks among middle-aged men prone to CHD (men have maybe four times as many heart attacks as women).
  • expect to reduce

  • reduce speeds

    The narrowing on its own was unlikely however to reduce speeds significantly, so pinch points were placed at intervals of about 50m along the road.
  • decide to reduce

  • design to reduce

  • reduce the need

    Such designs may include ‘simulation’— the modelling of a design and calculation of performance, for example to reduce the need to build experimental equipment.
  • must reduce

    He must reduce himself to zero and have perfect control over all senses…’.
  • use to reduce

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