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  • market share

    Increased market share as new annual premiums rose from $39m to $45.8m and single premiums from $126m to $241.6m.
  • market research

    These two departments therefore commission market research and strategic market research studies.
  • labour market

    In theory, today's more flexible labour market should allow unemployment to fall more quickly.
  • stock market

    Many were newspaper cuttings, ranging in content from dietetic hints to stock market forecasts.
  • world market

    He says: ‘There are great forces at work, and they've already embraced us in a world market, they're sweeping us towards a European destiny.
  • market value

    Having been issued in another era, all of these stocks have low coupon rates (from 2 ½%; to 4%) and hence their market value in a time of high nominal interest rates tends to be low.
  • market conditions

    Despite very competitive market conditions another good performance was reported by GA's Canadian companies.
  • market price

    However, it is possible for market prices to lead to sub-optimal decisions.
  • house market

  • current market

    The rates of interest negotiated will reflect the current market rates of interest and the terms of the particular loan/deposit.
  • free market

    We must link the free market with the provision of proper social and working conditions.
  • financial market

    The influx of foreign banks into the domestic financial market has undoubtedly reduced the ability of the Bank to carry out monetary control through moral suasion or supervision through the traditional informal networks.
  • common market

    In respect of UK membership of the EC it should be recalled that Article 3(f) of the Treaty of Rome provides for ‘the institution of a system ensuring that competition in the common market is not distorted’.
  • small market

    It was built without delay, a short distance into Tennison Road, alongside a small market garden.
  • european market

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