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  • very strong

    It was dark, and the wind was very strong.
  • strong enough

    She won't come out of hospital if she doesn't feel strong enough.’
  • have a strong

    But it would have a strong impact on imports.
  • strong sense

    Her grandmother also had a very strong sense of natural justice.
  • strong winds

    Disadvantages: Difficult to control in strong winds.
  • strong evidence

    Thus 26 and 27 taken together constitute strong evidence that dog is ambiguous.
  • too strong

    Even the federal analogy is too strong for most groups.
  • so strong

    ‘Is fate so strong?
  • be strong

    You quickly realise, as Mrs Adams hopefully will, that you must be strong for your children.
  • strong position

    This places Johnson Matthey in a strong position to design and develop improved catalysts.
  • strong social

    Is there a strong social preference to re-use excreta?’
  • there is strong

    That there is strong presumption against interpreting a statute as taking away the right of silence, at least in some of its forms, cannot in my view be doubted.
  • strong feeling

    Have you ever had a strong feeling that you may have lived before?
  • strong political

    Thus, in the UK power is concentrated in the cabinet, a situation made possible by a weak legislature and strong political parties.
  • strong commitment

    In the middle levels of the administrative hierarchy there was strong commitment to Nazism, and many Nazi leaders were recruited from this stratum.
  • have strong

    They have strong reasons for wanting the Montego.

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