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  • travel agents

    in travel agents
  • travel through

    ‘These two paths travel through country.
  • travel abroad

    ‘At last I can travel abroad under my real identity,’ beamed Beany, of Port Talbot.
  • traffic and travel

    Trent F M traffic and travel with of Not
  • travel arrangements

    Please refer to page 146 for details of your travel arrangements.
  • travel agent

    in travel agents
  • travel business

    We were both in the travel business and neither of us much enjoyed working for someone else.
  • use to travel

  • have to travel

    ‘You have to travel through Mynydd Isa to get to Bryn-y-Baal,’ Coun Messham said.
  • alternative travel

    You will be offered alternative travel routing or timings or alternative hotel and you have the option (a)to proceed with these revised arrangements or (b)cancel the holiday and receive a full refund if your holiday has not yet begun and in either event receive compensation as above.
  • rail travel

    For 1st Class rail travel on route code LPS add £35 (one class ship).


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