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  • only way

    He says it's the only way they can survive.
  • way of life

    But it's a way of life which Julie admits can bring stress and strain to a partnership.
  • way down

    Can't be doing with that way down there.
  • best way

    Naturally, the best way of finding this out is to ask them.
  • way back

    We passed that way back.
  • way out

    Find your way out.
  • long way

    But Titan was a long way off.
  • way to get

    ‘The only way to get to the bottom of it is to confront the chairman.’
  • way of doing

    This seems to be a very good way of doing things.
  • under way

    Then we got under way.
  • way along

    She picked up her suitcase and made her way along the aisle, pausing to inspect the damage to her legs.
  • way things

    Not the way things are
  • way i

    Some 150,000 homes changed hands in this way in 1988.
  • way men

    These are, then, two ways in which women may, and probably do, see morality in a different light from the way men typically see it.

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