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  • degree of accuracy

    Mind you, who can work out with any degree of accuracy just how the Irish are going to perform?
  • greater accuracy

    The shots are flying straighter both in the sense of having less fade and of greater accuracy.
  • unerring accuracy

    Then with unerring accuracy he hit the gold.
  • speed and accuracy

    Mathematics, Science and Social Studies questions often require considerable speed and accuracy in English comprehension.
  • overall accuracy

    The data are reduced using standard procedures to produce Bouguer gravity anomalies to an overall accuracy of 1 m Gal.
  • accuracy of recall

    Jarvella was interested in comparing the accuracy of recall for clauses in these two conditions.
  • check the accuracy

    It is not possible to check the accuracy of the figures.
  • accuracy when

    He was a wizard with a ball, having speed, stamina, and accuracy when shooting at goal.
  • pinpoint accuracy

    But pinpoint accuracy was necessary and it was difficult to achieve.’

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